Clears Clinic Offers Drive Through COVID-19 Testing

Clears Clinic offers rapid and PCR COVID-19 testing at our Daphne location.  Get same-day results, typically within 15 minutes after taking the rapid test.  If you need a test result for travel purposes, make sure to pay close attention to the specific requirements.  Often, travel destinations require a specific type of test and place date requirements on the test results.  The PCR nasal swab test is the current perfered test for travel and non-travel purposes.  It detects the presence of the active COVID-19 virus, even before the body’s immune system produces antibodies.  A positive PCR test result indicates the patient is actively infected and contagious.

We also offer two types of antibody testing – a rapid test and a blood draw option that is  sent  to an off-site lab. The rapid antibody test can also detect the presence of the spiked protien antibodies after receiving a vaccine.  Get same-day results with the rapid test, typically within 20 minutes.  The average turn around time for external lab results is 1-2 business days.

A positive antibody test indicates the patient has either received a vaccine or been infected with the COVID-19 virus, but does not determine if the patient is actively infected.   Therefore,  a nasal swab test should be performed when an antibody test is positive, unless you are asymptomatic and are testing to identify the presence of antibodies after a vaccine.


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