Fees & Policies

We  are a direct pay clinic.  Fees for services rendered are due at the time of service.  This allows us to provide a higher quality of service at a reduced cost.  Unlike the traditional healthcare model, we have price transparency.  There will be no surprises when it comes to the fees charged for the services you receive.  Refer to the list below for pricing.  If you do not see your desired treatment on the list, check with us to see if we provide the service.

Many practices do not treat patients that don’t have insurance.  Clears Clinic welcomes all patients.  Although, we do not file insurance, we provide you with a super bill that you can submit to your insurance provider or HSA for eligible reimbursement.  Acceptable payment methods include cash, check,  credit or debit card, and HSA debit cards.


Ear Consultation without Ear Wax Removal:  $20

Ear Wax Removal One Ear:  $40

Ear Wax Removal Two Ears:  $70

Foreign Body Removal:  $70

Acute Infection:  $75  (Strep Test:  Add $5.00 – Flu or Mono Test:  Add $15.00 – Urinalsys Test:  Add $10)

Family Practice Visit: Initial $75; Follow Up $50

Telehealth Visit:  Initial $75; Follow Up $50

Sports Physical & EKG: $35 (Requires Physician Visit)

EKG:  Add $20 to Price of Visit

Blood Draw for Labs:  $25

Medication Injections (Call for Pricing)

Medical Weight Loss Program:  $125/Month or $185 with MIC B12

Super MIC Lipo-Vitamin B12 Injection: $25

Vitamin B12 Injection:  $15

Covid-19 Rapid Antigen Test:  $75 (Tests for Infection)

Covid-19 Rapid RT-PCR In-House Test: $150 (Results in 30 minutes) Appointment recommended.

Covid-19 RT-PCR Visit 50 + $100 Lab Fee to Coast Diagnostic (Results in 24-48 hours)

Covid-19 Rapid Antigen & Rapid Antibody Tests:  $140

Covid-19 Rapid Antibody Test:  $75 (Tests for Immunity)

Covid-19 Blood Draw Antibody Test:  $75 (Tests for Immunity)

Simple Laceration Repair:  $90-$125

Simple Incision & Drainage of Abcess:  $100