Clears Clinic Offers Drive Through COVID-19 Testing

In response to the serious need for testing centers in Baldwin and Mobile counties, Clears Clinic is now offering drive through Coronavirus testing at our Daphne location.  All of our providers are working on the frontlines in local Emergency Rooms, as well as in the clinic during this COVID-19 outbreak.  According to CDC guidelines, patients must do a pre-screening and meet certain criteria before testing. 

The PCR nasal swab test is the current perfered test that detects the presence of the active COVID-19 virus, even before the body’s immune system produces antibodies.  A positive PCR test result indicates the patient is actively infected and contagious.

 We also offer two types of antibody testing, a rapid blood test via a finger prick and a blood draw to be sent off to a lab.  Rapid antibody results will be available onsite within approximately 15 minutes.  A positive antibody test indicates the patient has been infected with the COVID-19 virus, but does not determine if the patient is actively infected.  Therefore,  a swab test should be performed.

Clears Clinic encourages social distancing and staying home with the exception of going out for essentials or emergency purposes.  The virus is rapidly spreading in the U.S. now, so please do your part to slow the spread.  This will allow hospitals and testing laboratories to better prepare for this pandemic and will reduce related deaths.


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Ear Wax Removal – the safe & gentle way

Clears Clinic offers a convenient alternative for professional ear wax removal and treatment for acute ear infections or sinus problems.  We also specialize in removing accidental foreign objects that may get stuck in the ear canal or nose.  We treat adults and children over the age of 6 months old.

Our providers are skilled professionals who have all worked together in the past and have found a solution for patients seeking safer options for ear cleaning.  Our providers consist of nurse practitioners and a physician.

Clears Clinic offers appointments and is walk-in friendly too!  We will have a one-on-one, interactive consultation with the patient / family and will discuss exam findings before proceeding with treatment options.   The provider will discuss treatments and home care instructions with each patient.

We are a pay for service type of clinic, offering everyone the opportunity for acute ear or sinus care at a reasonable and affordable price.   No insurance is required.  We do accept Medicare.

Same Day Appointments

Same Day Appointments

Avoid long waits!  Get the care that you need, when you need it.

Medical Advice

Medical Advice

Open communication is important to us.  After  assessing your condition, we fully discuss treatment options and answer any questions you may have.

Expert Providers

Expert Providers

All of our healthcare providers are highly trained. You will be seen by one of our nurse practitioners or by our physician.

Home Visits

Home Visits

Our services can be provided in the comfort of your home through our Home Visit Program.  Please call for more information.

Ear & Sinus Treatment

We hope to give patients another option of where they can be seen for acute ear and sinus problems.  We know that it can be difficult getting same-day appointments with a primary care clinic or with an ENT specialist.  At Clears Clinic, same-day appointments are typically available.

Many ear and sinus conditions can be treated by our skilled providers at Clears Clinic.  Using endoscopic magnification, we can safely remove ear wax with curettage, irrigation or suction methods.

When you feel like you need to have a consultation to evaluate for possible ear wax impaction or ear fullness, our providers at Clears Clinic will be happy to see you!  We will view your ear to confirm if ear wax is the issue or if there is another cause of your symptoms.

About Our Practice


Clears Clinic is a clean and friendly environment where experienced medical providers safely remove ear wax and treat acute ear or sinus problems.

Are you experiencing difficulty getting an immediate appointment with your primary care doctor or an ENT specialist? Would you like to avoid long emergency room waits or costly urgent care treatment? If so, we’d like to help.

Clears Clinic is a place you can turn to as another option for treatment for ear and sinus complaints.

Fees and Policies

We now accept Medicare.  Otherwise, we are a direct pay clinic.  Fees for services rendered are due at the time of service.  This structure allows us to provide a higher quality of service at a reduced cost.

Unlike the traditional healthcare model, we have price transparency.  There will be no surprises when it comes to the fees charged for the services you receive. View prices.

Acceptable payment methods include cash, check,  credit or debit card, HSA debit cards, and Medicare.